Can I put my baby in their car seat without removing them from the babybubble ?

Yes, no problem. Simply push down the babybubble sides and fasten your child in the car seat as normal.


If I rock my baby by hand, which handles should I use ?

If you want to rock your baby manually, it is easiest to do so by putting the two middle handles together. It is also possible to do this with the upper handles but you may have to bend your elbow, which can be tiring. 


How do I know if my baby is properly positioned in the babybubble?

When opening the baby swing, lay your baby flat between the two central seams. Then place it more or less in the middle and lift your baby up. If necessary, you can readjust the position of your baby by placing him or her a little higher or lower by opening the babybubble flat again and moving your baby slightly.


Can I really hang my baby in the baby swing? Won't the handles tear?

No, the handles are very strong, as is the whole babybubble, which has been tested by an accredited laboratory. The baby swing has, among other things, been tested for strength, tear resistance, fire resistance, etc. If you comply with the safety standards specified in the instructions and if you are sure that the suspension system to which you attach the babybubble is correctly fitted, you can hang your baby in the babybubble baby swing without worry. That's what it's made for.


Are the fabrics organic?

The fabrics used are not organic but are certified according to the Oeko-tex Standard 100, which means that they do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to health.