The concept

But babybubble is also…..


Soothing your baby

Comfortably installed in its babybubble cocoon, your baby will be snug as in its mothers womb. The two pairs of handles allow the baby to be rocked either in a lying position or in a semi-seated position, which is more comfortable for their sometimes delicate digestion.

Carry your baby without waking them up

Gently rocked, your baby falls asleep quickly. They can then be placed quietly in their cot without waking them. Do you need to move? Pick up your baby using the central handles and move them from the cradle to the bouncer or from the crib to the car seat. They will not have opened his eyes.

Rock your baby

You can choose to rock your baby by hand or, as in a small portable hammock, by hanging the babybubble baby swing from a hook. It is impossible for your baby to resist the gentle motion.

The models

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Quality and safety

The babybubble baby swing complies with the requirements specified by the European standards for soft baby carriers.

A resolutely European product: designed in France, manufactured in Italy and laboratory tested in Spain.

Our fabrics are all Oeko-tex 100 certified.

An eco-responsible packaging: plastic-free and ready for composting.

As well as being attractive, the babybubble was very useful in soothing Bazile particularly during his first two months whilst he was most troubled by his digestion. The possibility to rock him in the almost seated position proved to be very effective !


Certain days Lylou had trouble sleeping. She was agitated and in our arms couldn’t settle. A spell in the babybubble enabled her calm down enough to have a nap.


To calm Lucas when he woke up during the night, we took turns to walk endlessly up and down our flat with him in our arms. Now we envelop him in his babybubble and rock him briefly before placing him back in his bed. How easy is that !

Agathe and Jeremy

With your order

You will receive a tote bag to transport and store your babybubble.

Red ? Blue ? Black ? We’ll surprise you with the colour …