About us

We are a French mother and Italian father of two beautiful young boys, living in Brittany.

When he was born, our little Abel was bringing up his milk a lot and was only comfortable in a semi-seated position. He also had difficulty falling asleep.

After many miles in a pushchair, cramps in our arms and very short nights, his dad had the brilliant idea of wrapping him in a blanket and started to rock him.

It was a miracle! Abel calmed down and fell asleep peacefully. 
Then his mum's sewing machine came into play and after many prototypes, we designed our first baby swing.
Abel felt so comfortable in it that we decided to test our invention with other babies.

They too, gently rocked in their little cocoon, fell asleep peacefully.

Convinced by all these babies quickly falling asleep and peaceful, and pushed by our friends who believed in our creation, we decided to create and launch our company.

This is how the babybubble adventure began... for the well-being of all babies and the well-deserved rest of their parents.


To contact us, you can write to us on the Contact page of the website or by email: contact@babybubble.fr

You can also call us on 00 33  7 49 63 58 50

See you soon!



Charlotte & Emanuele