1 small cocoon but 4 roles

Role 1 : Help your baby to sleep

During the baby’s first year, new parents walk the equivalent of 28 marathons to help their new baby to sleep (source: The Independent).

Sensitive to the needs of new babies and their young parents, babybubble allows your baby to calm down rapidly and rediscover the sensations of security in the womb with the added benefit of being softly rocked to sleep, either by being carried by their parents or being suspended with the system for hanging the babybubble to a convenient secure support.

The rapidity of your babies sleep aided by the babybubble allows also the parents to recover from their loss of sleep.

Role 2 : Carrying your baby once asleep

Once asleep, your baby won't need to be transferred from the babybubble.The baby will be gently transported and laid down to sleep either in a bed, a baby bouncer or in a crib by releasing the safety system and opening the babybubble.  

The baby can afterwards be moved, always in the babybubble, without being woken up, depending on the needs of the parents.

Role 3 : Helping the digestion

25 to 40% of babies suffer problems of digestion in their first year. They are much happier in a semi sitting position.

The babybubble solves this problem enabling babies to be rocked in a semi sitting position thanks to the handles on the upper part of the babybubble. Their digestion will be much happier.

Role 4 : Helping premature babies retain their foetal position

Premature babies have a tendency to over stretch, they need to be enveloped, compact and in a foetal position. This is what the babybubble provides thanks to its concave shape and supple material.

Moreover, the baby’s sense of balance and spatial orientation (vestibular system) is stimulated by the rocking of the babybubble. If you take a handle in each hand (those in the middle of the babybubble) and keeping your baby face towards you, rolling movements can be made by rocking the baby bubble to the left and the right. These movements are particularly recommended to stimulate the vestibular system in premature babies.